Cosmetic dentistry

Here at the Britannia dental we believe everyone deserves to smile as often as they can. Talk to ask about any improvements you may desire as there is almost always the way to cater for most requests.
We can far at chair side two modifications with 2 coloured filling materials e.g
Our lab fabricated “smile makeovers” using veneers or crowns we can give you the opportunity to try your new smile before final cementation to reduce the likelihood of issues later on. Please note ,however, that we will sometimes refuse to provide crowns and veneers if we feel it is unjustified to damage the teeth required restorations under these circumstances we can provide alternatives that will be more conservative of your own teeth.

Nowadays people are requesting to have metal fillings replaced with white ones. Here at Britannia dental we enjoy restoring teeth as closely as possible to the original form 77 euros a surface.

A hygiene visit is performed before commencement of the treatment, the teeth are polished with air flow to remove and residual staining as well. We offer an in office 20 minute bleaching that we believe is the best way to kick start the process.
we will choose a shade of your existing teeth that we may use later to see how well yo have responded to treatment.
You will then be provided with a “take home” kit with 4 syringes of gel (up to 4 months time) A review appt i included in the cost to ensure you are happy with the result


This method lasts a lot longer than “laser whitening” systems where the effects usually wear off soon afterwards.
Please ask and we can hopefully ensure your expectations are realistic before commencement of treatment.
Gum (periodontal treatment)
At Britannia dental we understand the importance of gum health. You can have complete piece of mind that we will detect if you suffer from gum disease as we screen for it at every appointment. The earlier it is diagnosed prevents the teeth from being irreversibly compromised.
what is periodontal disease?
Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the gum structure that supports the teeth. In the early stages it is called gingivitis where the gums become red swollen and commonly bleed.
T the more advanced from is called periodontitis , here the gums become so jeopardised they partially loose their attachment from the teeth causing pockets. As it advances bone can be lost and teeth may loosen or even fall out.
To date periodontal disease is still the number one cause of toot loss.
Recent studies have shown that 47.2 % of people in the US have gum disease.