Fibre bridgework starting from €550 a unit

At Britannia dental we also offer a very innovative system that demands a higher level of technique and artistry to perform. Via the use of a resin impregnated glass fibre framework we can replace missing teeth without any damage whatsoever to the adjacent teeth!


-no injection as no drilling
-same day (no impressions or temporaries) -economical- as lower overheads (no lab fees) -easily repaired at chair side
many dentists will avoid this method for a number of reasons;
-more technically demanding
-less profit
-unaware it exists and an unwillingness to venture outwith their comfort zone

Enjoy restorative dentistry and also believe conserving teeth is the best approach so from me it is one of my favourite procedures to perform I have done hundreds to date and hope to continue doing so so I can improve further.
The technique is very versatile and very nice aesthetic results can be achieved.

Periodontal splints

Using the same of fibre system we are also able (in certain cirumstances) to reinforce loose teeth and allow you to keep your existing ones for years longer. i know of no other dentist i the area that offers this technique and you are almost inevitably going to end up with a denture which is more expensive, more damaging to your remaining teeth and also is difficult to tolerate. They also affect speech and taste.
Make sure you come in and ask if you are a suitable candidate fro this technique as once the teeth have been removed there is no turning back!

Tooth coloured orthodontic retainers

After having payed to get your teeth straightened with braces it is essential to provide some form of retainer to assure the teeth do not relapse to the way they were. From what i have seen thus far in the area orthodontists are providing their patients with removable retainers that need to be worn indefinitely at night. They require high compliance from the patient (who is usually a child) and commonly succumb to damage and need frequent replacement at an additional cost.
An alternative to this treatment can be a fixed orthodontic wire that is placed on the back of the front teeth.
These wires along with it being unsightly require lumps of resin to hold them in situ.
Here at Britannia dental we believe that after paying so much to have straight teeth you deserve the full freedom of a fixed retainer using a much more comfortable system that is also completely invisible.