Replace missing/broken down teeth Crowns from €470

A dental crown is a custom made fixed replacement used to reinforce heavily failed aw root treated teeth. A crown is a good option for present preventing further degradation of a badly damaged tooth. It works by completely covering a prepared to structure with a strong material that is made in a dental laboratory.
At Britannia dental we use a state of the art laboratory that is always providing the most advanced Technologies and up-to-date materials. We are confident we can provide you with the more options than other dental practices.
Here examples of materials we commonly use along with reasons why;

• All ceramic system with excellent aesthetics, durability and strength commonly used for anterior restorations
• More conservative of your tooth as very strong in thin sections (less preparation needed)
• Metal free so no grey shine through (prevents dull look in natural light)
• Closest composition to mimic appearance of a natural tooth.
• In replacement for gold or metal restorations
• Made of zirconia
• Being at five-time stronger than conventional materials it is virtually indestructible but also
provides natural aethetics

These are examples of the materials we use most commonly at Britannia dental, however, we also provide metal based restorations if we feel it is the best choice for the patient.
Most other dental practices will provide you with metal based crowns as standard these restorations are cheaper to fabricate and provide inferior quality although you as the patient are none the wiser.
At the Britannia dental we also offer a five year guarantee on all our crown and bridgework, i am unaware of any other practice that offers this benefit. Moreover, we always request our lab to make the restorations at the highest tier price available because we believe in providing the best for customers.
So when trying to compare dental practices for prices it is important to take into account not only the price of the product but more importantly value for money!